Commercial use of content

GIY Green It Yourself was built using seed funding from the British Council's Big Green Idea grant and lots of in-kind support.

This funding allowed us to build the site and demonstrate with the first 10 videos an content, how it would work.

To keep it growing and going we rely on further funding and sponsorship.

Corporate or commercial licence to use GIY Green It Yourself content.

Green It Yourself videos are valuable educational resources in assisting people make necessary fix-ups to make their home and lifestyle more energy efficient. 

If you are a business, government or community organisation and would like to use these videos for workshops, events or as an online resource, please contact me. We can custom fit GIY Green It Yourself content to suit your requirement and your budget.

Using this content publicly, without prior consultation,  is in breach of the licencing agreement. 

Product reviews

We are a completely independent website offering unbiased advice and recommendations to our audience. We recommend products that, in our opinion, are good for the job but are aware that these products are always changing and developing, and that we don't know about every product on the market.

If you have a product that you think would be useful to our audience we would like to hear from you. If the GIY team  thinks the product does a good job, is good value and fills a need then we will mention it on our website  or build an episode around it. 

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