water saving

water saving

Drip drip drip … you'll know what to do. Try these water saving GIY jobs.

How to build an in-garden worm tower


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Worms are a pet that just keeps on giving. They only give you joy and are great little gardeners.

If you're a worm fan, or just starting out, this is a great way to get worms to do lots of the gardening for you. You feed them your food scraps in a 'tower' or tube, they come and eat it, then explore the garden doing their wormy business all through the soil. This makes your garden rich, fertile and bountiful ...and all you've had to do is feed the little worms the right stuff.

WATCH NOW: How to fix a dripping tap


Dripping taps are a form of madness-making music and can waste heaps of water and energy if it is the hot water tap.

Tap into your inner plumber and fix it in a flash.

This GIY video shows how to fix a vandal-proof tap. There are many differend types of tap but most are the same underneath. The process of changing the valve/washer is all the same once the 'headgear' (tap) is off.

It doesn't show you how to fix a mixer (ceramic disc) tap.

TRICKINESS RATING: Moderately easy 

Rebates Abound


There are some great rebates and incentives available from your local, state and federal government to help you reduce your energy and water use.

Check out these sites to see what you are eligible for.