Full or half ... a toilet flushing dilemma!

Daily dilemmas confound me.

I'll spare you the details but we've had a blocked loo. After trying to fix it, and failing, I called in the plumber.  While he was here I popped the question - full flush, half flush or not flush at all? What is best for the environment, sewers and my own pee-ce of mind (that is the first and last lavatory joke I am going to do I promise).

Rubber meals - stretching food as far as it will go.


I love to be resourceful – with the food, my time and energy. The more meals I can eek out from one thing and one session in the kitchen, the better.  The other day I cooked up a cracking roast lamb. I’m a country girl and this is my ultimate childhood favourite. With the left-over meat and gravy I made shepherds pie and with the bones and last bits, lamb barley soup – 1 leg of lamb, 3 meals. My granny would be proud – and I really made the most of the meat and its eco-hoofprint.

One Million Women


A few weeks ago I presented a GIY-workshop at the One Million Women summit in Sydney. I did a quick garbled session on DIY fix-its with Bernie Hobbs. What we lacked in clarity we made up for in comedy. I love the whole idea behind this campaign.

So often, climate change campaigns and campaigners give the impression of being hard core and hairy. Unless you are a firm follower, it's hard to get motivated to get involved.

Fighting stand-by power with stand-by power. A review of a gadget.


I used to be very pro-active about turning stuff off at the wall, my career depended on it but now it bores me.

I saw these the other day at ALDI-  the VIVID Remote Control Socket Set (not a good name) for around $25. Four sockets with one remote control that can turn them all off. I've heard about fighting stand-by power with remote controls and here it was.

The Cow-operative


Some of the best ideas come out of a pun. In fact I often have the pun and then have to think of a clever way to use it in general conversation.

This wasn't actually my pun ...it was my husband Nicks'. He wanted to start a cow-operative - a community meat-market based around a cow.

He established a steering committee and invited around 12 peoples to become steak-holders. A steer, aptly named T-bone, was bought and raised on a small acerage outside Yass. He was a free-rangin', free-lovin', grass-munchin' happy cow until the moment of truth last week when he met his meat maker, Justin Baird, the local mobile butcher.

How to clean your oven without fumigating yourself.


I am not a fan of cleaning at the best of times but my least favourite cleaning job would have to be the oven.

I haven't done it for 18 months. The last time was when we left out previous rental house.

I know there are products that you can spray around but the toxic fumes generated from the the likes of Monsieur Muscle send me coughing and spluttering.

People always talk up the wonder of microfibre oven gloves. I am a big fan of the technical fabric but the muscle power and patience required with this method also make me a little mad.