If you're not the handiest tool in the shed but want to make your home and lifestyle more energy efficient, you've come to the right place. GIY: Green It Yourself gives you simple step-by-step videos on how to make your home more energy efficient, your energy bills lower and your lifestyle a bit green around the edges.

May 2016: It's draught-proofing season. Draughts make you feel 4'C colder due to the 'wind-chill' effect. Stop the draught and you will instantly feel warmer. Most of them are pretty easy DIY jobs and provide the biggest bang-for-buck for things you can do to improve the thermal performance of your home
There are heaps of GIY draught-proofing video for you to try. Click on the DRAUGHT-PROOFING tab on the LHS of the screen.

Here's one as a starter. (Please take extra special caution in the roof-space but when you do get up there ... you might find that it provides a welcome bit of personal space and is one step closer to outer space.

GIY is developed and presented by Lish Fejer, Australia's Queen of Green. Here's some more about why she set up GIY.