Our houses are full of appliances, big and small, that all use a bit of power to run - dishwashers, computers, TV’s, washing machines, fridges, heated slippers, towel rails, coffee machines, electric dog beds, flashing santas (in the lighting sense) … you name it, you can plug it in.

This GIY area explores the most energy efficient way to choose and use your appliances.


Evaporative cooling vents can be a huge source of draughts and heat loss in winter.

In this GIY video I show you two simple ways to seal them up for winter. One uses clear contact and is super quick and effective. The other uses a product specifically designed for the job - a HeatSaver vent cover. 

This is a solution for evaporative cooling vents only. 


Electricity Bill

Do you open your electricity bill with fear and dread of what it contains?  The confounding graphs, confusing codes and jibberish jargon ... not to mention the cost of it all.

Don't just look at it as a price to pay but a regular energy report card.

Grab your electricity bill and join me over a cup of tea to decode the highs and lows of the bill and why it's a great tool in your energy saving kit.

Watt a nice way to while away the kilowatt hours (groan-inducing joke).

Star rating

How do you choose an appliance that is going to be cheap to run because we don't want to be lumped with a machine that is cheap to buy but a monster to run.

If i was to make a sweeping  statement I would say that the cheaper it is, the more it is going to cost you to operate.

Solar Hot Water

There are some great rebates and incentives available from your local, state and federal government to help you reduce your energy and water use.

Check out these sites to see what you are eligible for.